Through the Ages is a cookbook for and from Audley Group’s resident-owned retirement villages. It was realised, in part, to educate its readers about the changing face of retirement, but also to showcase and share recipes from each of the villages.

Each retirement village has a restaurant that is open to the public, and each restaurant is run by an inspiring chef. Conversations between these chefs and the resident owners were the inspiration for the Audley cookbook, which is full of contributions from both. Through the Ages takes the reader on a culinary journey, to rediscover and recreate lost and historic recipes that have often been lovingly handed down through the generations – recipes for friends.

Eighth Day created the concept of the cookbook as a promotional tool, a long-lasting gift rather than a sales brochure. We planned and designed the 250-page book; art directed the photography; edited all written content including the recipes; and managed the print production and distribution.