Posters outside the museum Posters outside the museum

The LGBTQ Trail is an exhibition curated by The Brighton & Hove Museum.

Eighth Day were commissioned to redesign the leaflet, posters and signage for the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) Trail that features existing objects of interest throughout the museum.

The leaflets are printed on six coloured papers that represent the rainbow flag, a symbol for the LGBTQ social movement. The bold, black ink used for the type and illustrations ensure the leaflets and labels are easy to read in the low light conditions within the museum, whilst the colours make the signage stand out against the other museum exhibits.

Detail of leaflets
Close up of leaflet pattern
A combination of four different half tone patterns creates a strong visual language for the trail.
Illustration detail

The museum map was drawn on an isometric grid to make the complex exhibition layout easier to understand.

The use of illustrations within the leaflet as well as on the signage make referencing objects around the exhibition as easy as possible, whilst the overall combination of bold colours, illustrations, patterns and type ensure the objects of interest on the LGBTQ Trail are clearly stand out within the museum’s many rooms and exhibits.