Stoney point is an independent coffee shop in Brighton, born out of a passion to serve exceptional coffee.

Eighth Day were commissioned to create a brand identity that gives the coffee shop a modern and artisanal feel. The name, Stoney Point originates from an old folk tune from the Appalachian Mountains and the resulting logo takes its cues from American folk music and traditional sign writing, to represent the individuality and personal touch that the owners, Jess and Laura bring to the coffee shop.

A muted colour palette complements the existing interior, and makes the building stand out against the other brightly coloured neighbouring shops. Clear, and simple exterior decals and painted lettering give Stoney Point a strong, yet understated identity in a small and busy collection of shops.

The one page website offers all the necessary information simply and clearly, alongside photography that further enhance the artisanal feel to the brand.

We really enjoy working with Eighth Day; they are creative, flexible and intuitive in their approach and are a pleasure to collaborate with. We’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback about our new brand, and our sales have increased by 30%. We look forward to continuing to work with Eighth Day as we develop and grow.

Jess Davies, Owner of Stoney Point