Nymans map on press at Generation Press

Posted 23 November 2015

We take pride in producing beautiful print for our clients, this means taking the time to select the right printers and work with them to ensure our print is as good as it can be.

For the new Nymans map, that meant leaving the studio and going down to Generation Press. We have worked with Generation for many years because they pride themselves on their commitment to the craft and quality of the print they produce.

The advantage of seeing the work on press is that we can check the print first hand.

For the National Trust, accessibility is very important, so to ensure that the Nymans map is as easy to use as possible, the contrast and sharpness of the type and map details have to be perfect - something we knew Generation Press would be able to achieve.

After checking the first few run offs for sharpness and clarity, the colours are then checked to ensure that they are printed consistently from the first to the last sheet. The Nymans map uses two full bleed colour backgrounds and by incrementally checking the density of the colour at any position on the sheet, Generation are able to make small adjustments to keep the colours in check throughout the run.

The finished print, ready for folding and trimming